FOUR Ways to Point Your Kids to Jesus this Summer


FOUR Ways to Point Your Kids to Jesus this Summer

by Julie Bowmar



Can I get a “WOOHOO” for summer break?!


Seriously. Let’s shout out some praises for NO school, no carpool, time at the pool, trips to the beach, time at the lake, no schedules, extra sleep…and more time with our kids!


*Insert happy dance HERE.


It turns out that we have a whopping 1,440 minutes deposited into our time account every single day. Multiply that times “Summer 2018” and we end up with approximately 105,120 school-free, homework-free, brain-on-vacation minutes to spend however we want! (I know, I know. We still have to go to work, keep the house running, clean the dirty clothes and make sure there’s dishes on which to cook the food. BUT… still! It’s SUMMER! And yep…that means more time to spend on things that WE want to spend it on!)

If we aren’t careful, we can get so focused on cramming in the summer fun, that we forget THE most important job we have as a parent! Pointing our kids to Jesus!
So, let’s be “on purpose” this summer.
Here are FOUR ways to point your kids to Jesus this Summer…

1- Keep showing up to church.

Your kids are watching. They are deciding what is most important based on what you DO. Not what you say. So…if you believe that gathering and worshipping with your church family is important , then don’t mix up your message by prioritizing other things on a regular basis. If you do, you may be disappointed to have kids that walk away from their church when the choice is theirs. There can be such beauty and growth in a healthy church community. We want to make sure that our kids not only see the value of church community, but also experience growth and thrive inside of one. Acts 2:42-47


2- Serve together.

This is huge. Teach your children that they are an important and ABLE part of a great BIG God-sized purpose NOW. Teach them that every single one of us were made ON purpose and FOR a purpose. So, use some of those extra minutes this summer to serve together. Spend an afternoon doing “random acts of kindness” at your local grocery store. Go serve dinner together at the homeless shelter. Remind your kids that they are a useful, important and VITAL part of the body with a very important job to be done NOW. Not just later down the road when they are “all grown up.”


3- Allow your kids to see you study the Bible and pray.

This isn’t just about leading by example. This is about you realizing that you are NOT enough. That’s right. Not enough. Raising full-fledged human adults who aren’t selfish, who contribute to society, who recognize and act out their God-given purpose, who don’t try to kill their siblings, eat dirt, skip class, or party too hard… and who love Jesus with all of their heart, mind and soul? Yeah… you aren’t gonna be able to do that without Jesus. So… apply that oxygen mask, parents. Throw those arms up in the air in surrender and ask Jesus to guide you, to teach you, to give you wisdom and patience and discernment…to protect them from others and from themselves and from the enemy. Don’t accidentally teach your kids that you are the end-all-be-all. Let them see you depending on Jesus for ALL the things! Tell them you are praying for them! Spend some of those extra minutes this summer with Jesus…and let your kids see you doing so.


4- Point out Jesus.

This will get easier as you have more practice. Use some of those extra minutes this summer to get outside and enjoy God’s creation…and give glory to God whenever possible! Point out the simple fact that God created ALL of it. Recognize the beauty and creativity in His creation…and say it out loud! Practice saying things like, “God made that,” and “look at what God did.” Train your kids to have a sense of AWE when enjoying God’s beautiful world wherever you go this summer. Deuteronomy 11:19