Group Discipleship Ministry:

At Lanier Hills, we believe in the importance of connecting with God and with others as part of our spiritual growth. To better help you connect, we offer several different group environments to meet a variety of needs and interests. These can include groups for men or women only, married couples, new believers, those interested in missions and others.
Growth Groups are short-term, topical or activity groups that meet at the church on Sundays and Wednesday nights. (Children and Teen ministries offered during these times.) A catalog providing a description of each class offered is provided prior to the new quarter.
Life Groups are long-term groups that meet in homes and throughout the community. These groups offer a deeper level of growth and friendship as they spend time studying scripture, praying for one another and in social environments.
Adult Growth Group registration is OPEN! Click HERE to choose a group and register.
Grief Ministry
Our grief ministry is here to provide comfort to all those who are grieving and suffering a loss. Grieving is a process. It takes time. It comes in waves. There is no right or wrong way to mourn a loss. The only “normal” thing abut grieving is that nothing feels “normal.” Let us walk with you and be of some comfort to you during this time of grief. Contact for info.
Counseling: “Fill My Cup, Inc.Lanier Hills Church proudly partners with the non-profit organization,”Fill My Cup, Inc.” to provide counseling for church members as well as the surrounding community. Fill My Cup is able to help with a myriad of problems we all face daily. You do not have to be an attender/member of Lanier Hills to use this service. Visit or call 770-576-0025 to schedule an appointment and get pricing info.